About Project Seram

We are a group of interdisciplinary researchers who are interested in the archaeology, culture, and paleoclimate of East Seram, located in central Maluku, Indonesia. Most people don’t even know where that is – thankfully there’s an app (err, site) for that! Maluku is here. We did our most recent field season here, in the south-eastern portion of Seram.

Our band of researchers are based at various institutes in the US and in Indonesia. Our Indonesian colleagues join us from Pusat Arkeologi Nasional in Java, and Balai Arkeologi in Ambon, Maluku. The US based team consists of doctoral students, post-grads and professors from the University of Washington. We are experts inĀ  reconstructing past climates, stone tools, ceramics, botanical studies, and neolithic (stone age) art, just to name a few.

We did a lot of great research this past field season, and we’re hoping to expand it into several more field seasons. Check back with us next year to see what we do!